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  • Well here we are in Summer 2016. We've been open for 4 years now. Truly, time flies.

    It is a great honour to be part of the wonderful Vegan and Vegetarian scene here in Leeds.

    We opened our little place to create a sanctuary for healthy vegan and vegetarian food. There are times when I pop upstairs from the shop and I am amazed by the joy and the great vibe in our little cafe.

    We have grown and changed with the times and times are changing fast.By the time we had our third menu change I was amazed to see that every dish on the menu had a vegan option. We still offer a few dairy options, but we are pretty much a plant based environment.

    I am so pleased with innovations coming from the Global Tribe Team. The Vegan bacon made from slices of aubergine has gone down a storm and the Vegan BLT is my favourite sandwich at the moment. All of our cakes are now Vegan and many of which are gluten free too. We are doing a lot of baking in the kitchen these days. Some days the cakes are gone within hours of being iced. The Raw cheesecake continues to be super popular.

    The new burger for this season is fantastic, as I keep being told. In addition we have a Greek Stew, Vegan Quiche and an amazing chinese fried rice with Vegan sesame "prawn" toast. I love the new Global Tribe Breakfast, which has all kinds of treats included.

    We've seen some faces come and go. Our Jazz has left to do the festival circuit before travelling to America and Teleri has also left to go travelling. Marcin and Carolyn have jumped into their spots and have been doing tremendous work. Marcin is currently doing his NVQ's in professional cookery through the cafe. He is loving it. You will soon be seeing his pickles and sauerkrauts turning up on some dishes. Excellent to help digestion and increase intestinal flora. We are also very lucky to have Carolyn fresh from The Black Cat Vegan restaurant in London. She is already bringing delights into the kitchen including homemade vegan mayonnaise and some fine breads and cakes.

    Hazel broke her hand earlier in the year and we moved her down into the shop whilst she recovered. This gave Emma a chance to check things out in the cafe as she prepares to become the Global Tribe building manager. Hazel has  now recovered and back in the cafe.

    We have a new credit card machine so we can finally accept payment at your table. I know table 8 will be much happier with this situation.

    Oh Yeah, I know that we make everything from scratch in the kitchen so getting a takeaway can take time. We really want to help you to get you takeaways for lunch and picnics in the sun. So, if you order your sandwhiches before 12pm we can have them ready for you to collect during your precious lunch hours.


    Ok that's it for now. I'm sure the sun will make its true Summer debut very soon.

    Happy Summer to you all.

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    Winter Menu 24 November 2013 | Comments (1314)

    It has been a very busy year, by all accounts. I know we have. It is nice to get a moment to sit and write a few words.

    We have been so busy in the day to day running of the cafe that we have barely been able to put our heads up to say hi. Thank you all for your continued custom and kindness in helping us realise this dream that is Global Tribe Cafe.

    We know that quite a few of you are looking forward to some evening meals again like we did last year. The themed evening meals were very popular and many thanks to all those who came and made them such a success.

    We will be changing our opening hours in the New Year. We will be opening at 11am through the week and closing at 7pm, with last orders at 6.30pm. We hope that will give all a chance to enjoy our food in the early evening.

    So here we are in our second Winter and it's time to change the menu again. This time our menu has some really hearty winter warmers. The Polenta stack looks fabuous and the Raw food is really inspiring. We have a Pumpkin and Caraway seed Risotto to start the ball rolling. The Vegan Chicken Pies have been going down a storm since their introduction as a special.

    We have the opportunity with this menu to put up some weekly specials. So, we may see the Caribbean Black Eyed Peas make some Cameo appearances and so revisits to some old favourites like the lasagne.

    We also have a few ideas up our sleeves for the next menu, which may well get an outing as a special to test the water.

    Here's a peak at our New Menu which starts tomorrow


    Soup of the Day (Ve and Gf option) £3.95

    Served with Organic Bread


    Bangers and Mash (Ve)   £6.95

    Potato and Celeriac Mash with Red Wine Gravy


    Polenta Stack with Kale and

    Wild Mushrooms with

    Blackcurrant Jus (Ve,Gf)  £6.95


    Chicken Mushroom and

    Asparagus Pie with Gravy (Ve) £ 6.95

    Served with Roast Chips and salad


    Risotto of the Day (Ve,Gf) £ 6.95


    Sweet Moroccan Burger

    (Ve, Gf option) £ 6.95

    Served in Ciabatta with Roasted Chips

    And Salad


    Organic Irish Seaweed Salad with Beetroot,

    Carrot, Sesame Seeds, Capers,

    Spring Onion and Smoked Tofu.

    Sesame Oil Dressing (Ve,Gf, Raw option) £ 6.95


    Tofu Hot Dog with Fried Onions,

    Gherkins, Ketchup and Mustard (Ve) £ 6.95

    Served in a soft Baguette with side slad.


    All Day Breakfast with 2 Sausages, 2 Fried Eggs,

    Beans, Tomatoes, Mushrooms,Toast and Coffee

    (Vegetarian and Vegan option with Tofu) £ 6.95   


    Raw Food Options

    Food Prepared below 42 Degrees to keeping all the

    Enzymes and nutrients Bio-Available to the body.

    Teriyaki Noodles with Nori Dim Sum

    Pickled Ginger and Asian Greens (Ve,Gf,Raw) £ 7.95


    Cherry Tomato and Basil Tart with

    Sundried Tomato and Walnut Crust (Ve,Gf,Raw) £ 7.95

    Served with Apple, Fennel and Carrot Coleslaw


    Many thanks from all at Global Tribe Cafe.

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    It's been a fabulous couple of months at Global Tribe. There is a wonderful energy and buzz about the place.

    The café has a new summer menu which is simply gorgeous.


    Click here for the new menu http://shop.globaltribecafe.com/


    The Vegan Tofu hot dogs are going down a storm, as are the Caribbean Black Eyed Peas with Jerk Asparagus and Sweet Potato and Corriander Mash.



    And the Raw Malaysian Curry with Cauliflower Rice.


    We are so proud of the creative team in the Kitchen. There is soo much that we want to do. But as they say patience is a virtue.

    We had a team meeting before the menu went live. Everyone brought a few ideas to the table. There was so much good food to chose from.

    After we had sampled all the food, we wittled down the options to our current menu. Everyone of the team brought some inspiration to this new menu.

    Thanks to feedback from our clients in the café, Facebook friends and the team. We introduced the vegan hot dog as well as the Tart of the Week and the Salad of the Week, just to keep things changing and more creative.


    The Shop continues to go from strength to strength. We are so fortunate to have such happy and talented people in the building from Annaly, Emma, Collette, Donovan, Mario and Bev in the shop. And Phil, Sid, Hazel, Collette, Mandy and Donovan in the café.


    I just love coming to work and hanging out with such a great group of fabulous people, and that's the customers as well as the team.


    Emma's therapies Bliss at Global Tribe, continue to grow beautifully with some delightful clients. She has extended her list of services with Collette now doing Reflexology and Tarot readings and Hazel also doing Tarot readings. These as all services with Bliss Therapies are by appointment only. You can speak to Emma in the shop or visit her facebook page.




    And you will find Collette and Hazel in the café.


    Many thanks to Ryan and Louise, who have created the Spiritual Book club, which continues to grow in strength, trust and love. It is wonderful to see their smiley faces for breakfast once a month.

    We had our first poetry evening last month and it was very well attended. We hope that it becomes a regular thing.

    The music nights and themed menu nights have been very popular. The evening menu nights have been fully booked every time we put one on. We plan to begin the evening schedule in September.

    There have been some great meditation workshops run in both the café and the shop over the last 8 months and they continue to bring more like minded people together to search more deeply about themselves.


    So all in all, the whole Global Tribe building is working really well together to produce a wonderful atmosphere to both visit and work in.





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    Spring  Menu at Global Tribe Café, Leeds.

    This is our third menu change since we opened in July 2012.
    We have created another menu of innovative vegetarian and vegan food.  Our new menu is 95% Vegan and includes some
    fine Gluten free and Raw, Living Food options.


    Soup of the Day (ve,gf) £3.95

    Served with a bread of choice


    Bean & Veg Chilli (ve,gf) £6.95

    Served with mixed rice and popcorn


    Beetroot ‘meat’ balls,
    and courgette spirals (ve,gf) £6.95

    Rich tomato sauce and side salad

    Shiitake mushroom and
    Aubergine tart
    (ve,gf) £6.95

    Served with Roast veg and side salad. Contains tofu


    Hawaiian Burger(ve,gf)
    for bread bun add 50p

    Sweet potato and pineapple burger,
    With chilli and apricot relish, potato wedges, side


    ‘Meat’ Loaf (ve,gf) £6.95

    Soya mince, herbs, walnuts, vegan cheese.
    Served with roast potatoes, roast veg, gravy.


    Avocado, orange, black grape salad (ve,gf) £5.95

    With salad leaves, pumpkin seed, minted mayo


    Morroccan Salad Wrap (ve)

    Red pepper, cucumber, carrot ,raisins

    Coriander, in a Flour tortilla wrap, spiced
    beetroot dip.

    Raw Option served with a seaweed wrap (ve,raw,gf)
    add £1.00



    Uncooked food served at a temperature no more than
    42degrees celsius,so the enzymes and all that is good are still

    bio-available to the body.

    ‘Lasagne’(Raw,ve,gf) £7.95

    Spinach pesto, tomato walnut ‘meat’, cashew
    With creamy mustard red cabbage and side salad.


    Crabless cakes (Raw,ve,gf) £7.95

    With tartar sauce, creamy mustard red cabbage.
    And side salad.


    Pad Thai Noodles (Raw,ve,gf)

    Carrot and courgette noodles with coriander and
    Spicy almond sauce, (Optional Tofu, not Raw add


    Nuts, soya and wheat
    flour are used in the kitchen.
    Items on the menu that do not contain these
    may however contain trace elements.

    We hope you enjoy this
    new menu, which will run until the Summer.

    Many Thanks,


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